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10 April 2015

Acclimatization time


So here I am in Namche Bazar, the capital of Sherpa. It is a major stop-off point for trekkers and climbers heading for Mount Everest Base Camp. I’m going to stay here for the next 2 days for acclimatization.

Acclimatization is a very complicated process which requires walking and climbing slowly. It’s good to walk a lot but you should take one day break at every 1000m done perpendicularly.

So far so good. I feel well. It’s important to listen to your body during the acclimatization time. So when my breath is regular, the heart rate is normal and the oxygen level is over 85% I’m keep going, and if I don’t feel well or the heart rate is too high I’m taking a break.

It’s not my first time in Himalayas, I’ve been here a few years ago so it’s easier for me and my body to get used to often altitude changes. I had a really good day yesterday so I went for a quick trek to Khumjung. I even run, and I think I have my Sherpa run as well. We did it in 1:30 hrs instead of normal 3 hrs . So I think I am in a decent shape.

During my outdoor trainings I visit villages around and meet many amazing people. I found a friendly tailor shop. The guy made some flags for the Basecamp. He also did a hand-made expedition logo! Supercool.



Namche Bazar, once again, just a different year:


Here are some pictures from Namche Bazar and Phading: