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02 April 2015

Let’s go on Mount Everest!

The time has come. My Everest Challenge with FIBARO is about to start. All things sorted and my luggage is packed: all equipment, warm clothes, and energy chocolate bars of course.

However, there are still some people who wants to know why I’ve decided to take the FIBARO Everest Challenge.

Well, we all have our challenges. For some people it’s to learn a new language, for others it’s to run a marathon. For me it’s to summit Mount Everest without oxygen.

I’m an experienced climber. I’ve already summited 3 other world-highest mountains so it was obvious that my next challenge will be Everest. But, that’s not good enough. Apparently today, everyone can scale it, and I don’t want to be as everyone. I like challenges, mountain hiking, outside sport and I want to prove that nothing is impossible.

By taking this challenge, I want to show that it’s possible to take your home with you wherever you are. Being close to my family even though being thousands miles away means a lot to me. Their safety is the most important thing to me. Thanks to the FIBARO Home Automation System I’ve installed a couple of weeks ago, I can control my home with a mobile app even from the top of Mount Everest. I can check if the windows and doors are locked, I check if nothing is burning, and I can turn the light off in my son’s bedroom, at any point of my trip.

Another thing that I have to mention is that I’m going to climb without supplemental oxygen and without porters. As I said, it’s a challenge, not a holiday. As far as I know, only one percent of people do it without that extra help. But, why am I going to do that? Because I want to show that everything can be done and the only thing that can stop you, is yourself. I know that climate in Everest area is harsh but thanks to my experience in mountaineering and months of preparing I know how long a body needs for acclimatization to oxygen level. Now nothing can stop me.

The expedition starts today and I’m planning to return in early June. I have planned a few surprises for you so follow this blog and other Fibaro Everest social channels.