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07 April 2015

Next stage – Lukla

This year I’ve spent Easter Holidays on travelling from Kathmandu to Lukla. It was a great experience since Lukla is believed to be the world’s most dangerous airport.

Here’s why: the airport doesn’t have any radar or navigation devices so the pilot can only depend on what he sees from the cockpit and it’s situated at 2860 meters above sea level. OK, planes are quite small so it should be easier to control but still 460 meters long and 20 meters wide runway doesn’t sound like a huge space to land especially that it is on the mountain’s ridge. But that’s a main route if you want to scale Everest. However, there’s a saying that if you’ve survived the flight and landing, then reaching Everest pick will be a piece of cake!

Anyway, after uneventful flight I landed in Lukla on Monday morning. Now I have to wait for cargo before the trek to Phakding. The views are amazing, but from here, it’s still 3 days from the first glimpse of Everest.

And here’s the scary part – a video from landing, but if you don’t like flying make sure you have a little paper bag with you…