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22 April 2015

One step closer to Mount Everest


The weather is still OK. During the day it’s around +5 degrees and during night it goes down up to -5 degrees. I’m feeling well. I have some headache but that’s a normal thing here. And as far as it doesn’t keep me away from hiking it’s OK. I got to Lobuche at 4930m – spent a night there. In fact it’s the last overnight stop with lodging on the trail to Base Camp and there are many other climbers here who are also heading to Everest.

Lobuche is a popular stop among trekkers in the area especially now. A few hours from here, there’s a small village called Gorak Shep – it’s located on 5180m – I’ve done a 3hrs hike and a trek. Arrived just in time for some hot tea and a light lunch.

There’s not much snow yet only plain rocks that start to replace any grass but the high altitude is great for training. And the views – just look how awesome it’s here.

The village itself is made up of a small number of tea houses and is not really settled for farming and livestock, but it’s great for hikers though. Gorak Shep is also the last village on the trek before Mount Everest Base Camp – I’m heading there for dinner tonight.





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